Electric vehicles are not eco-friendly.

No matter how you calculate it,electric vehicles are not eco-friendly.

Petrol is originally crude oil.

Gasoline is originally crude oil.

Crude oil is transported by tankers to refineries. Crude oil is refined into gasoline,gas and naphtha.

The product made into petrol is sold at petrol stations.

It is immediately used in cars.

Electricity for electric vehicles is produced by burning heavy oil refined in refineries.

It is then transported by truck to a power station. The electricity is then generated there.

The electricity generated cannot be used immediately,so it is brought to a substation where it is converted into electricity at a very high voltage and sent over the transmission line.

Then the voltage of the electricity is converted to a voltage that can be sent to homes.

And then…

In other words,electric cars are not eco-friendly.

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