How to handle unreasonable situations. [60年前の赤ちゃん取り違え]

  人生で理不尽に起きる物事をどうとらえるか。今日のレッスンで広美さんがある記事を会話の中で説明してくださいました。↓  Contributed by Hiromi & David. Sixty years ago a Japanese hospital got two newborn babies mixed up. They gave the babies to the wrong mothers. The mistake wasn’t discovered until recently. After the shocking discovery the hospital had to pay big money in damages. They both had a happy upbring in spite of the mistake. Fate can work in mysterious ways.

Both families were kind and raised the children with love and care. Surely the real parents of a child are the ones who make sacrifices to prepare the child for daily life in this tough world. It takes years of blood,sweat and tears to raise a child. Instead of feeling mad, sad or sorry for the kids and parents involved we should see it as a wonderful experience for all people involved.

To be continued…..

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