If I was (were) an Onigiri, By Dr.Sakamoto / 私がオニギリでしたら〜

⇩ご自分の表現を自由に大切に。 最期に日本語
“Our daily meal and Fukushima nuclear power plant. ”
Maggie sensei has taught me that, in Japan, 68% of food is wasted every day.
It seems to mean each of us discard two Onigiris per day.
It’ s a sad story.
If I was (were) an Onigiri, I wouldn’t want to be treated in such a way. But I have done many such pitiful deeds. One side of this fact shows that such action would damage our souls and bodies.
Another side is when we grow or get food, we need to have a great amount of energy, for example, sunshine, soil, petrol, electric energy, natural gas etc.
Not only for food, but also for many industrial reasons, some people need nuclear power plants which can produce tremendous energy.
If we prepared our own meals, we could reduce food and energy waste as much as possible.
Cooking is fun. Cooking is discovery. Cooking could avoid wasting food and life.
And someday, it could be possible to eliminate nuclear power stations.
I hope that Maggie sensei’s teaching = cooking makes our planet a safer place becomes reality.

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