A balanced view.

Some Japanese think “it’s disrespectful to make fun of others very dear religion or prophets or guru. Why some people didn’t speak up about the writer or publisher was too much ~ . So we have to remember there is a responsibility with our freedom.”
For example in Tibet, there are a lot of tourists. However, some lack respect for all those Buddhist monuments and climb up the Buddhist statues, etc.
On the other hand ~ We have some question about the people who extremely worship someone or some god, and at the same time this kind of religious person looks down on other human beings. Then we feel those religious people are hypocritical. So it’s difficult to respect that god or some guru which is respected by some people.
But we need to be concerned about their feelings.
Europeans(in the past Arabs) are getting fed up with Muslem (Christian) fanatics and other immigrant groups.  Some new arrivals often have no respect for the new host country and don’t want to integrate.  If Muslims(Christians) don’t like their new host country or culture they should move to a Muslim(Christian) country where they will fit in better.
“Thou shalt not kill.”

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