I hope it goes well.

上手く行きますように!& A feather in your cap ! (もう一つ名誉の羽根だね!)

👩‍🦰: あきこさんと  🐶デイビッド氏の会話 

彼女には生きる事と 仕事への緊張感 ところが…秘めたユーモア感覚に 引き込まれますよ!

🎩: Is the number of your company’s apps users increasing ? 

👩‍🦰: It has been stable so far. 

 Well, I will be meeting a member of another company today.

So, if the meeting is successful, I will be very happy! 

🎩: That’s really beautiful !! 

It will be a feather in your cap ! 

And you will be a chief. 

I hope it goes well. 

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