Maggie. A predicts your 2014 fortune !! (*´艸`*)♫♬

 Maggie. A predicts your 2014 fortune !!



   A Happy New Year.     Let’s continue to learn & grow this year.

   I think that the most important thing in every-day life & throughout life is true satisfaction of our soul & mind. Every step we take is for a glorious crown each day.

     When we see a dirty pan in the kitchen that someone left or garbage in a café s bathroom or around the supermarket, we can just clean it up or report it to the shop. We shouldn’t feel bad about the circumstance or someone. We can keep our mind always focused on the best part of the music & be excited.

    There are very unique creatures behind our life in this year 2014. If we notice them & smile at them, we will experience exciting coincidences & we will be continually soaked into the best sound of the music.

   Those unique creatures are like your loving pets or sometimes like the great Divine, God, Jesus or Buddha. This year we will be surely blessed within the updated intelligence of these divine creatures. Without it, we will feel lost,

Let’s HOLD ON to it!!

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